Felicitare de la Mitropolia Autonoma Crestin-Ortodoxa a Americii de Nord si Sud si Insulele Britanice

Christus Natus est.I.
WIth great joy do we greet you for the Feast of the Holy Nativity. Our joy is heightened that we are now able to celebrate the Holy Nativity within the Communion of Churches with Your Beatitude and your Synod of Bishops.   AD MULTOS ANNOS.   We convey to Your Beatitude our greetings for this Feast and our gratitude to you and to all the Bishops of your Synod for your brotherhood with us who live far from the lands of Italy and Roumania.

We pray for all of you, your Clergy, and your people that this will be a blessed year in which their proclamation of the Holy Gospel will reach so many more people that are seeking to serve our New-Born Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

His Beatitude, Metropolitan John and the Bishops of our Holy Synod

Date 25 december 2012

Felicitare de la Biserica Ortodoxa de Stil Vechi a Greciei ( Mitropolia de Avlona si Viotia – G.O.C. P.C. )

My Dearest Brother in Christ,
Your Eminence Metropolitan of Bergamo & Italy ONUFRIE,

From the very depths of my Heart, I congratulate you upon the great event of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our Savior’s Birth, was the event that changed the course of the human history. I pray that it will ever and ever change the course of all people’s heart, towards the redeem and salvation of their souls.
I heartedly wish that the newborn King of Kings, grant You his everlasting Grace, health, happiness and heavenly help for your difficult spiritual work in the atheistic country of ITALIA. Detalii →


Luni 1/14 ian.2013 de Anul Nou(stilul vechi),de Taierea imprejur a Domnului si de pomenirea Sf.Vasile cel Mare,la ora 8,oo,Sf.Liturghie,la Misiunea Crestin Ortodoxa dupa Vechiul Calendar”Sf.Ioan Botezatorul”din Bergamo-Malpensata,a fost oficiata de P.C.Protoiereu Mitrofor Nicolae Constantin,consilier economic al mitropoliei noastre.Dupa otpust,P.C.Sa,a vorbit credinciosilor prezenti, despre insemnatatea zilei,punind accent pe viata si faptele Sf.Vasile cel Mare,iar apoi a citit Moliftele Sf.Vasile cel Mare si drept binecuvintare pentru noul an le-a daruit celor prezenti cite un calendar de buzunar pe anul 2013.UN AN NOU FERICIT PLIN DE DRAGOSTE SI LUMINA IN IISUS HRISTOS,DOMNUL NOSTRU!LA MULTI ANI!